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Welcome to The Arena Conservatory Website!

While we are a new entity in acting coaching and workshop environments in the Austin market, we are a combination that provides over 30 years of theater, film/tv & live performance and experience to the table, and to you.  In addition to assisting in professional coaching all levels of actors in one of Austin’s leading schools for 3 years until its closing in 2016 (The Actors Arena), we also extend an open invitation to our area fine established coaches and agents as additional outlets for them, 1 night out of the session, to extend their services and excellent skills to new and upcoming actors; for them to find new talent to work with, as we believe Austin is a unique village of coaching talent and experience.  We intend on developing this angle of our business quite extensively over time.

Our classes will provide safety, growth and direction for scene study, character development, auditioning techniques and expectations, camera awareness, monologue delivery, and the ability to think outside of the written script.  The 6 week class is fun and exciting, and limited to 10 students each so as to give dedicated attention to all students.   The love of the craft and passing on the joy of acting is primary to all efforts.

There is no focus on ego here; that is left at the door for all involved with the focus on bringing out the artist in each student with honesty and integrity.  Additionally, our coaches understand the differences between stage and film acting and can instruct between the two fields.  Seeing how the two can intertwine, differentiate and complement each other is a key success point in helping the actor diversify and understand the craft, and is also a strength for our classes and our teaching style.

Our goal is to help prepare new actors just getting into the local industry to prepare for more intensified teachers, as well as ongoing coaching for seasoned actors by a team who is out “in the jungle” with them – making sharing the current experiences and expectations from the other side  of the chair up to date and real.  A symbiotic relationship is formed between the coach and the student making the transition for new actors to other coaches easier, ultimately providing a better and more secure actor, and improving that actor’s future chances for success.

Adult classes will also discuss the recognized techniques and how they differ from each other, and how they can be studied and applied to the individual actor’s career path and training strategies.

Our Business Informational Segment is included in the cost of the course.  It is online and access is given at the end of the course.  We will also be providing access to low cost head shots, resume services and websites to aid in the marketing of an actors career.  Guest speakers will be scheduled from time to time as well as they are available to us.  We will also share our knowledge of the local and national film industry, events, and developments as we learn of them.

The Conservatory will also pay for 1/2 of the entry fee for “Night At The Theater” on the night to be determined for each student that attends every class per session up till the night we attend.  This “perk” will be decided at the beginning of class time and inclusion may be age-dependent.  Pertains only to shows at The Vortex Theater.  **We did not participate in this for first session but we’ll honor it for next session for first session students still when we make the journey!

** (Participation may be dependent upon shows running at the theater and available dates of run vs. class dates as well.)

Youth & Adult classes available at the present time:

Adults:  6 consecutive weeks / $150, currently available 1 of 3 offerings per week, Monday, Thursday (Business Class) or Saturday!

Youth:  6 consecutive weeks / $150, currently available 1 evening a week.  Wednesday evening!

Next session begins September 12, 2016

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM Adult Classes  Mondays * confirmed

6:00 PM – 8:30 PM YOUTH Classes – Wednesdays * NEW DAY & TIME *  confirmed!

7:00 PM – 10:00 PM AUDITION / BUSINESS Classes  Thursdays *NEW  DAY* confirmed!

1:00 PM – 4:00 PM Adult Classes Saturdays! * NEW * CONFIRMED!

This is genuinely an exciting chapter aimed at bringing the acting community closer inclusive of stage and screen and please stay tuned.